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Local woman recalls plane’s highway landing

A terrifying moment this weekend when a plane made an emergency landing on a highway in Utah. This happened on I-15 near Ogden. One Idaho Falls woman was on the road at that time.

Allison Fabela was driving on her way to Salt Lake City.

“I looked to my right and there was just a plane really low flying. And I immediately thought, ‘there’s not an airport, there’s not anywhere for the plane to land,'” says Fabela.

But the plane did land, right there on the highway and as the plane was getting ready to land.

“I was thinking about how I kissed my kids goodbye that morning, and how the last time we had flown somewhere, another plane had tried to land right around that same area and didn’t make it.”

Luckily, this plane made it, and Fabela says she’s thankful.

“I’m so thankful for the pilot, how amazingly skilled they would have had to be to in order to maneuver the plane in the way that it did.”

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

That wasn’t the only Idaho Falls woman nearly hit by a landing plane. The impact shattered two windows and caused a small amount of damage to the top of a car.

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