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Local veterans talk about ‘Reading of Names’

People gathered at Russ Freeman Park this morning for the reading of the names Idaho servicemen.

“Memorial Day is kind of a solemn occasion. We’re honoring those veterans that paid the ultimate sacrifice, those veterans that will never grow old, that are never out of uniform. But it’s also a blessing because what they did for us, it’s a privilege and an honor to honor them,” says Bob Reinisch, a local veteran

“It feels really good that we can honor our heroes that have fought and died for us,” says Mike Crowley, a local veteran.

“It’s great for honoring all of those men and women who have given our lives so we can be here today,” says Nancy Shamel, former Stewardess during the Vietnam War.

“Lots of pride involved in reading these names of the servicemen who perished in Vietnam,” says Louis Balenti, a local veteran.

“Me being a vet, I’m very privileged and honored to be able to perform these services for the veterans that helped me be here. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” says Vern Hansen, a local veteran.

“I’ve worked with these names since 1984. I worked on a book, so almost every one of them I picture the boy that went to Vietnam and it’s a very deep, deep honor to be able to honor them on this day,” says Shamel.

“I think of the friends that I went to school with that have died over there. And it’s saddening, and it saddens me that they weren’t able to experience a full life,” says Crowley.

“In past, there have been a couple of names that I didn’t know them but for some reason, they hit a sore spot and you kind of choke up a little bit,” says Balenti.

“I have a sense of peace, and a little bit of joy because I know where they are and I’ll see them again,” says Reinisch.

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