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What goes into property tax assessments

It’s property tax time again. Time to make sure you get those in the mail.

Property tax assessments will be mailed out the first Monday of June.

“We assess by pulling sales of other properties that have occurred. And determining typical sales prices and that’s applied on each property in the county,” says Blake Mueller, Bonneville County Tax Assessor.

“The current market is hopping, it’s definitely still a seller’s market. I have a lot of buyers that I’m trying to get into homes this season,” says Nicole Bebe, realtor.

You have until the 25th of June to make a written appeal either by hand or through email. If an agreement is made, then an adjustment will be made. If not, you’ll meet with county commissioners.

“The commissioners will ask my appraisers, how did we come to value and we’ll go through a similar scenario where we show them like properties and they can make a decision there,” says Mueller.

And if your home has hail damage it won’t reflect on this year’s notice.

“Our appraisal date is January 1, so our values are established, using the 2017 sales, anything that occurs after January 1 goes on next year’s assessment notice.”

If you are making a payment, it is due by June 20th. Keep in mind that takes care of last year. This year’s property taxes are due December 20th.

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