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Crews working to contain 8 Mile Fire

Crews in Caribou County are currently working to contain the 8 Mile Fire.

Conflicting reports are out in terms of containment percentage and acres burned. Between 1,000-2,000 acres have been reported burned, while containment ranges from 35% to 100%.

Shannon Boyle of the National Forest Service believes that this has to do with the fact that the spread was stopped last night.

“We did stop the spread of the fire last night and so I think a lot of people see that as well we contained it cause the fire stopped spreading,” Boyle said.

While the cause of the fire is rumored to be a spark from someone welding their mailbox, the matter is still under investigation. But Boyle said it often is just a spark that causes these large blazes.

“Yeah you see that quite often with these fires, it really can take just one little spark,” Boyle said. ” And if it’s in the right grass or the conditions with the winds, it can blow up to a fire of this size in a matter of hours.”

Even with some reporting 100% containment, Boyle warns that some of the homes are still in danger due to some incoming weather.

“We’re expecting high winds to come in today with a cold front moving into the area. And so we definitely would consider these homes in danger.”

Fire season is still upon us and Boyle reinforced that even little things can fuel a major fire.

“You know, I think just, if you have trailers with chains, really be careful, just watch out for things like that. Chains, cigarette butts, whatever it is, it doesn’t take much so just, I think, be aware of that and that we are still in fire season this late in the year, and it’s only gonna continue to go until we get some serious weather coming in.”

Boyle believes that with the work they’ve already done, the National Forest service will likely claim 100% containment by the end of shift tomorrow.

Currently, crews are working along the timberline where the fires are still active and have the largest potential to grow.

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