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Local girl makes cabinet to take care of people and pets

One local girl knows how important personal hygiene is for day to day life. However, she has noticed the lack of resources around her community so that everyone can have items to meet those needs. She would like to make a change.

In front of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church just off of Placer Ave. in Idaho Falls you can find a special cabinet.

“I built it because I thought that if there were homeless people who needed and their pets probably needed things too and it’s got like toiletries,” said 13-year-old Phoebe Jones.

It is all part of Jones’ project for her Girl Scout Silver Award. She was inspired when her troop got their journey badge which taught them the importance of taking care of personal hygiene.

“My troop did a presentation on hygiene and stuff,” Jones said. “My group did stuff on skin and hair.”

Jones noticed that many people around town may not have access to these items to take care of themselves.

“I’ve actually met a couple homeless people,” Jones said. “There was one woman that came to our church a little while ago and we decided to get some stuff for her because she didn’t really have a lot of things.”

The cabinet is not just for human hygiene, she would like to help people take care of their pets too.

“If people need things, pets would probably need things too,” said Jones.”I really love animals, I think we would have a cat if my mom wasn’t allergic. We do have a dog and I really love her. If I couldn’t take care of her and I had top give her away, I would be really sad. I bet there’s people out there who can’t take care of them and they’re probably sad.”

The cabinet named “Necessary Needs for People and Pets.” On the left side items like toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products and more.

On the right side has dog and cat food, treats, toys and animal shampoo.

Saturday night, Jones stocked the cabinet with everything.

She and a family friend built the cabinet themselves. They say they spent over 24 hours making it.

Overall Jones says she put 60 hours into making this all possible.

“I hope that a lot of good things comes out of it,” said Jones.

Jones said if you would like to help donate to the “Necessary Needs for People and Pets Cabinet,” you are able to stop by the St. Luke’s Church office and drop off whatever you can. You can also donate money as well.

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