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Family of teen killed by target shooter have let go of anger

An uncle of a 14-year-old killed in an accidental shooting by nearby target shooters says the family has let go of their anger over the tragedy.

Authorities have identified the teen that was accidentally shot in the head Sunday while he riding in car with his family on a road near the target shooters as Zack Kempke of North Ogden.

Kempke’s uncle, Cory Hopkins, describes his nephew as “loving” and “very family oriented.”

He says the teen was very spiritual and loved video games and the band KISS.

He says the rest of the teen’s family initially felt some anger. They questioned why the group hadn’t been shooting at a backstop.

Hopkins says they have “completely” let go those feelings.

They don’t want Kempke’s death to become a topic in a gun control debate.

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