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Wyoming and Idaho lawmen team up

The University of Wyoming is expecting a healthy-sized crowd for this Saturday’s football game.

The Cowboys are hosting the Boise State Broncos. Officials expect a number of hits on the field, but they hope to avoid them on any of the roads between Boise and Laramie.

Law enforcement agencies in three states, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah will join forces for an impaired driving enforcement operation. It will focus on Interstates 80 and 84….the main route between the two cities.

“We want BSU fans to stay safe as they make the long trek between Boise and Laramie,” said Col. Kedrick Wills, Idaho State Police director. “This means being aware that we’ll have increased patrols on our roadways, as will our neighboring states’ highway patrol agencies, all in an effort to keep the motoring public safe. Expect zero tolerance for drunk and impaired drivers.”

“Our troopers will be out on the highways this weekend keeping the traveling public safe,” said Col. Kebin Haller of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “You can expect zero tolerance for drunk and impaired drivers.”

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, there have been 81 fatalities on Wyoming roads this year compared to 109 at this time last year.

Idaho State Police encourages motorists to report suspected impaired drivers by calling *477 on your cell phone or the Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) hotline number at 1-800-442-9090.

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