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Neighbors unite to support fire victims

Bondurant, Wyoming residents vow to recover quickly from the Roosevelt fire.

In a statement Friday, the Bondurant Community Club said, “There are a few things we would like everyone to know. First, we are resilient and while this fire may have destroyed some of our homes and
much of the beautiful country around us, it will not destroy our spirit nor resolve.”

The club pointed out that while 55 homes were lost, 95 were saved and those residents are still evacuated.

While the future will likely hold many needs, the group said the immediate need is housing and monetary donations.

The Community Club, Lions Foundation of Wyoming, and the Red Cross of America are partnering to make sure needs are met in an efficient manner.

Anyone offering low-cost housing should notify Melissa Harrison at 307-690-0086 or online here.

As of Friday afternoon, that fund had raised about $15,000 towards a $500,000 goal. The money will be dispersed through the Lions Foundation. Larger donations may be made directly to the Lions of Wyoming Foundation.

Fire victims in need of assistance should contact the American Red Cross at 307-286-0576 or 307-689-0886. Their services can include temporary housing, vouchers, prescription medication, eyeglasses, child care, mental health counseling and more.

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