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Pocatello cleans up massive sulfuric acid spill on multiple roads

Pocatello police, the Pocatello Fire Department and several other agencies cleaned up a massive sulfuric acid spill across multiple roads.

The Pocatello Police Department said the sulfuric acid came from a leak on a flatbed truck that was carrying an 83-gallon tank of the acid. It is 98% sulfuric acid, so it is very concentrated.

There are only about 20 gallons of acid left in the tank, so around 60 gallons of it was spilled on roadways from Soda Springs to Pocatello.

Lt. Whitney with the Pocatello Police Department said the truck left Soda Springs, stopped in Lava Hot Springs at the Sinclair there for fuel, went on U.S. 30, down to Old Highway 91, through Inkom, down Portneuf Road, up Fort Hall Mine Road, to North Main Street to the Gould Street overpass, then North on McKinley to the 700 block.

According to Pocatello police, crews are dealing with spills along all those roads in Bannock County, as well as a few spills in Inkom. There was no reported spill at the gas station.

All those roads, and some nearby roads, were losed off while HAZMAT teams work to clean up the spill and neutralize the acid.

Pocatello police said they got the call just before 7 p.m. Thursday night about the spill.

Pocatello PD said there is no contamination to city drinking water and HAZMAT crews will be working likely through the night to continue to clear the acid off the roadways.

The DEQ said anyone whose cars may have been affected by this, and may have picked up acid, can wash them with soap and water. That should neutralize the acid. Avoid direct skin contact with it though, it’s recommended you use a commercial car wash to clean it.

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