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Plans announced for new Idaho Falls hospital

A new hospital and emergency room is being built in Idaho Falls.

The announcement for Idaho Falls Community Hospital was made during a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new 302-space parking garage on Mountain View Hospital’s campus Wednesday.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital will offer patients an emergency room, in-patient services and an intensive care unit. Patients will be able to recover in one of the hospital’s 88-private rooms and family and friends visiting loved ones in the hospital can enjoy the restaurant-quality cafe and outdoor patio.

The new hospital is being built adjacent to Mountain View Hospital, and while the two hospitals are separate organizations, they are close allies in taking care of Idahoans and patients can expect to receive the same personalized care from both hospitals.

The hospital is being built in direct response from the community’s outcry for more choices in emergency and in-patient care. Federal laws limit Mountain View Hospital from expanding and providing Idahoans with more services. However, as Surgery Partners, one of the investors in Mountain View, heard patients’ requests, they decided they wanted to respond.

“This is the next chapter of healthcare in Idaho Falls,” said Dr. Greg West, one of the founding physicians of Mountain View Hospital. “We built Mountain View Hospital because we realized things needed to be done differently. Prices needed to be lower, healthcare needed to be more collaborative at all levels and we wanted to ensure our patients were put first. Idaho Falls Community Hospital will follow these same principals and philosophies in care.”

Idaho Falls Community Hospital is set to open its doors to patients in late 2019. There will be approximately 300 credentialed doctors and more than 200 nurses and supporting positions.

You can learn more about it HERE.

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