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Atomic and uranium workers honored for their service

Former atomic and uranium workers were recognized for their service to the country at the National Day of Remembrance luncheon put on by Nuclear Care Partners.

The honorary holiday is to recognize the more than 625,000 people who worked in the nuclear weapons development industry.

The luncheon had an honorary pining ceremony for former workers, door prizes, and food. College students, with careers in programs that might lead them to jobs working at the Idaho National Lab were also invited.

“I love hearing their stories of how they created this brand-new energy source,” said Angela Hayes Kerry, the community outreach manager for Nuclear Care Partners. “Since I loved hearing their stories so much, I got to talking with some professors, and we thought that their students who were going to be working out there would love to hear it from the history makers.”

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution establishing Oct. 30 as the National Day of Remembrance back in 2009.

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