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Boise student wins state National Geographic Bee

Do you know which Asian island is shared by three countries? The winner of the state geography bee did.

Some of the brightest 4th through 8th graders from all around the state who had won their school bees converged on Rexburg for the National Geographic State Geo Bee.

After a morning of semi-final competition, 10 winners were chosen for the final competition. The questions started off pretty easy to help the students feel at ease.

After missing two questions contestants were eliminated and the field narrowed and the questions became more difficult. The bee was finally narrowed to two contestants and three questions.

In the end Noah Lockey of Boise was the winner.

Asked what advice he would you have for other kids if they want to learn about geography, Noah had this to say.

” Go to places. Study places. Find new places on the map. ”

Sharee Barton who is a National Geographic Certified Educator added her thoughts.

” Middle school students especially need to study geography because they are very keenly aware how geography is more than just being aware where the continents are, and the mountain ranges, and the rivers. It’s more about how we affect the land, the earth, and the place in which we live. ”

Noah gets a $1,000 cash prize and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. for the final competition.

The winning question only Noah got right asked which Asian island is shared by three countries?

The answer is Borneo.

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