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Brian Dripps appears in court for preliminary hearing Friday

Brian Leigh Dripps, the man who investigators say confessed to killing Angie Dodge in 1996, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Friday.

During the hearing, the State brought multiple witnesses to the stand who were part of the investigation back in 1996.

Dripps sat alongside his attorney this afternoon hearing the horrifying details of the murder scene of Angie Dodge, a murder detectives say Dripps confessed to on May 19, 2019.

During the hearing, The State called six witnesses to the stand, the majority of which were involved with handling evidence of the case back in 1996.

One witness, Detective Sage Albright, who was present when Dripps gave his confession took the stand.

Dripps’ attorney made an objection since the detectives didn’t physically read Dripps his Miranda Rights out loud before the interview where he gave his confession, but instead, they had him sign a waiver with the rights stating that he understood them.

The Judge ruled that it didn’t have to be oral advisement of his rights and that some could argue that giving him his rights in writing is better than having them read to him.

Dripps’ attorney also had some objections to the interview where Dripps gave his confession, since Dripps mentioned wanting an attorney but continued to make more statements regarding the murder.

Considering the DNA evidence, the Judge bound Dripps to District Court for an arraignment.

Dripps is expected to appear in court again on September 10th, 2019.

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