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Woman charged with murdering her father pleads guilty

Jessica Conser, the woman who was charged with the shooting of her father Mathew Robert Travo III outside of his home in Hibbard on June 6, 2018, appeared in court on Wednesday.

Conser sat in front of the judge to accept a plea deal. The original charge was for murder of the first degree and a weapon enhancement charge, but Wednesday Conser pleaded guilty to an amended charge of murder of the second degree with the weapon enhancement charge dismissed.

Conser went through mental health evaluations and was considered mentally ill and unable to understand.
Doctors said she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and that caused her to murder her father in June 2018.

In court, Conser’s attorney James Archibald described her mental state at the time of the crime saying, ‘she didn’t do this with the intention of being evil to her father but thought that demons possessed him, that he was the devil.’

Conser will be supervised by a doctor for the rest of her life to ensure she remains on medication.

Before ordering her sentence, the judge will review a pre-sentencing report.

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