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Group visits east Idaho to help families with immigration proceedings

A group from Caldwell, Idaho visited Idaho Falls Tuesday to help local families with immigration proceedings.

Familias Unidas is a service in the Community Council of Idaho, offering affordable legal consultations.

This is the second time they have visited Idaho Falls, and they are hoping to reach as many people across the state with their services.

So far, at least seven families made an appointment to receive legal citizenship.

Familias Unidas hope in the future to reach more people and keep families together.

They provide this service for around $40.

“We want to keep families together,” said Brandy Perez, director, and attorney of Familias Unidas. “By offering this service, sometimes people don’t apply because of fear, lack of education or completely because of lack of funds. So by making this affordable, it makes it easier for more families to obtain that legal status, so they can stay here and be part of the community.”

Familias Unidas will only be visiting Idaho Falls on Tuesday, but they do plan to make another visit next year.

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