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The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers reminds community of the town called Ozone

Many of us probably don’t know this, but there was once was a town called Ozone that used to thrive near Idaho Falls.

Back in the early 1900s, Ozone had a population of 1,800 people.

The old town used to be near the intersection of Bone Road and Sunnyside Road.

A group called the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers want to make sure you never forget about the history that is so close to home.

It was two years in the making, but they were able to get a historical sign made to remind people of the history that once took place here.

“The people who lived here and came here in the early 1900s will not be forgotten,” said Dixean Grines, co-captain of the Ammon Sage Camp of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. “At one time this land was the most prosperous grain center in the whole state of Idaho and it was a great agricultural hub here.”

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers encourages everyone to go check out the sign and learn about the history of Ozone.

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