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ISU student body grows by 38

Idaho State University is reporting an official fall enrollment of 12,425 students, a .3% increase from the previous year.

The report shows a sizable increase of 278 students in Early College (dual credit) students, reversing a multi-year decline in undergraduate degree-seeking students at Idaho State. There is a total of 2,948 dual credit students.

There are 2,008 degree-seeking graduate level students. That is an increase of 98 students or 5.1%.

Overall, ISU has 38 more students than a year ago. But, the number of international students decreased by 129, or 26.7%. There are a total 355 international students on campus this year.

“We are seeing positive trends in our enrollment data,” President Kevin Satterlee said. “But it is important not to lose focus on improvements that must be made. We are working to solve a multi-year enrollment problem, and it will take time to impact meaningful change.”

Satterlee said it would take a combined and unified effort by the University and the community to fully address that enrollment issue.

Total enrollment of Hispanic students is 1,430, an increase of 58 students or 4.2%. Since the fall of 2012, total Hispanic enrollment has increased by 403 students or 39.2%.

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