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What to know if you encounter moose on trails

With winter just around the corner, wildlife officials are urging people to be cautious of wildlife moving down from the mountains.

Gibson Jack trail, a popular recreational trail, has its fair share of hikers and mountain bikers encountering wildlife.

Not more than two weeks ago, one hiker with her dog spotted a moose along the south ridge.

Fortunately, the hiker kept their distance from the moose, and that’s exactly what Idaho Fish and Game suggests if you have an encounter.

Jennifer Jackson, Idaho Fish and Game regional communication manager for the southeast region, said, “You need to give them distance. Back away slowly, and they will usually leave you alone.”

However, that’s not always the case. Moose are extremely aggressive and have been known to charge humans. Before they do, there are some signs to look out for.

Moose tend to lower their ears and stomp their feet before they charge. This is often a bluff threat, but it’s also when it’s important to take action for your own safety.

“If they start to run at you, you need to run and get something between you and the moose, like a large rock of tree, until it sees you no longer as a threat,” Jackson said.

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