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Bad Luck? Myth solved on black cats and Halloween

It is indeed a myth here in Idaho Falls according to the animal shelter.

“Not a whole lot of urban legend with different holidays’,” Idaho Falls Animal Control Center Laramie Pancheri said. “The biggest one is Halloween. Black cats are bad luck and all the superstitions. As far as we know around this area, pretty mythical.”

Pancheri says there is no bad luck when adopting a pet in Idaho Falls. The main problem is animals with darker fur not getting adopted.

“We do run specials on black cats every now and then and black dogs,” Pancheri said. “Those two things, it’s a thing. They’re overlooked a lot. They’re not easily adoptable and there is a national black dog adoption day and we cross that over to black cats as well.”

That day was October 1, but the animal shelter still struggles in general with over crowding.

“I’ve done some research on it and they’re plain,” Pancheri said. “They don’t stand out like the beautiful huskies or the golden labs, they just blend in. They just sit in the back they just don’t put themselves out there enough. But if you adopt a black dog or a black cat, you get the best friend you ever had.”

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