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Distracted-driving bill eyes cell use by Idaho motorists

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Legislation prohibiting local Idaho governments from passing laws restricting cellphone use by motorists but also expanding the state's distracted driving law to cover such activities has been introduced.

The House Transportation and Defense Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to hold a hearing for the bill lawmakers say will make Idaho roads safer.

Lawmakers say Idaho has a hodgepodge of local ordinances restricting cellphone use by motorists that makes it tough for drivers to know whether or not they're breaking the law.

If the bill becomes state law, all those local ordinances would become null and void on July 1.

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  1. So, which of our “we think local decisions are the best solutions” hypocrites introduced this POS? Top down Republican interference in local affairs is pure hypocracy! Vote these Republican sacks out!

  2. State preemptive laws make sense. Right now Pocatello has a law against using a phone while driving (except with bluetooth) and surrounding areas do not and you can drive from those surrounding areas into Pocatello and not know it. Also, while driving down I15 a person can enter Pocatello for a few minutes while on a phone and then become legals when passing out of the city. LUDICROUS!

    If the state had the same law, that problem is solved.

    The main problem with all these laws is that the cops do not enforce the law! Drive through Pocatello and you will find half the people have phones in their hands and cops in cars behind them DO NOTHING.

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