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New bill could freeze property tax, and cities

New bill could freeze property tax, and cities
New bill could freeze property tax, and cities

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The rise of property tax throughout the state is prompting some legislators to take action. Proposals aimed at reducing property tax would freeze assessments for a full year.

The House of Revenue and Taxation Committee is taking up the legislation Wednesday. House Majority Leader Mike Moyle says it would help prevent people from being forced out of their homes.

However, city and county officials nationwide are speaking out against the bill. Some cities and counties say it would create a financial hardship because expenses will continue to rise.

Associate broker for Keller Williams Realty and former Pocatello city council member, Jim Johnston says, he’s in favor of tax relief but he fears that it could negatively impact city governments.

“With growth anticipated, especially in Pocatello, I think we need to be very conscious of the fact that a freeze might limit the potential of what our various levels of government can be doing for us,” Johnston said.

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Brady Halbleib

Brady Halbleib

Brady is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Now the shoe on the other foot, and government is crying about where their next dollar is coming from. Well welcome to the real world of budgeting your money and living from paycheck to paycheck 🤪. Suggestion, state paying for your plates on your vehicles, No more exceptions for you🤔

  2. The plate idea is simply taking money from our right pocket and placing it into the left pocket.
    What they need to do is just cut down on their spending. Poky just gave a big chunk of taxpayer money to a shelter, and for a college program.

    The state of Idaho needs to do what many states have done and that is freeze all property tax increases to a cost of living index, and then when the house is sold, the property taxes are allowed to increase to an actual assessment. This way the new property owners will know what the taxes will be and also understand they cannot go up any higher than the COL each year.

    Michigan has a law called the Headless bill that does this exact thing, and I’m pretty sure CA has a similar law, and I know many other states do too.

    If they don’t stop this increase in property taxes, they will not only boot out seniors but also lower income workers who were able to purchase a house but can’t sustain the constant increases.

    Cities like Poky can just realize they have to spend ONLY what is coming in. If the unions cry for raises, give it to them, then lay off the excess workers.

    I was in Poky yesterday and saw FIVE (that is FIVE) workers filling a 2×3 hold in a corner with dirt. One pouring from a bucket, on stamping on the dirt and three standing around with their fingers inserted where the sun does not normally shine.

    Cities can adjust, if they want too. However, they do not want to cause they like to spend money on their own pet projects.

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