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Bonneville School District 93 reminding people about levies on May 18 ballot

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI)- Bonneville School District 93 is reminding people about whats at stake with the May 18 election.

The school district has two levies on the ballot. A plant facilities levy, for $2.8 million, and a supplemental levy, for $5.8 million.

Paid over the course of ten and two years respectfully, would equal $28 million and $11.6 million overall.

The plant facilities levy will go towards maintaining and updating school buildings and grounds.

The supplemental levy funds teacher and classified staff salaries, music programs, physical education classes, and other operational costs.

Superintendent Scott Woolstenhulme explained they had the levies on the ballot in March.

"We're just excited to have the opportunity to have those go back out to our voters," Woolstenhulme said "We ran these elections in March, and our voters did not approve an increase to those two levies. And so to avoid having to make some really drastic budget cuts in the district, we decided we would run the elections again, without that increase. So it's just really important that our voters get out and let us know whether they support these or not."

Those budget cuts could include cutting sports, pay cuts, and layoffs.

"We're not making threats, we're looking and saying if we don't have these dollars, we have to make cuts," Woolstenhulme previously told Local News 8. "And these are the areas we can cut. We're not trying to create fear among our population, we're not trying to force people to vote, it's just the reality of what dollars we have."

Woolstenhulme also addressed the idea that the levies will lead to higher taxes. He explains there would not be an increase, due to how much the school district is growing, with all the new houses and businesses coming to the area.

"That's really what we as a school district have control over is the rate that we set the levies," Woolstenhulme explained "And what we know is that rate will actually go down. And we know that because our home values are going up. And so as our home values go up, the rate of how much we tax those have to go down, because those are set levies that have a maximum amount of $5.8 and $2.8 million dollars."

More information on the levies can be found here.

Woolstenhulme also addressed the comments people have had about the mascot change at Rocky Mountain Middle School.

Woolstenhulme said it will cost the district nothing to change the mascot, or colors. Saying Rocky Mountain itself has the money needed from vending machines, concession sales, etc. to fund the things that come with the change.

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Rachel Fabbi

Rachel Fabbi is a reporter, anchor and producer for Local News 8 and Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Why did we vote in March if they are just going to keep coming back every month until they get the outcome they desire? The people already spoke!!

    1. Agree, sir. “We’re not making threats, we’re looking and saying if we don’t have these dollars, we have to make cuts,” But yet, interestingly NONE of these ‘cuts’ affect the endless redundancy which is ALWAYS present in top-heavy entities such as public education. Such as….I don’t know….maybe the Assistant Deputy Superintendent in Charge of Girls’ Junior Varsity Indoor Sports? Both his secretaries and maybe an intern or two?
      IMO, people with the various school districts wouldn’t MIND supporting the teaching of young people. They’re just not real interested in–continuing–to stack the ensconced AND superficial deadwood that, if anything, simply function as a hinderance to the people actually DOING the educating. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people….”

    2. Sorry to say, not a unique idea every state I have lived in has the same problem. If school, library, whatever wants more money, they will continue to place their needs on a ballot till they succeed. Sad part is if the do succeed, we, the people cannot get elections to remove what they have gained.
      And they will do this until they get what they want.

      I have been an advocate of only allowing one vote every other year in November for ALL needed items. However, schools and school unions that basically run some political parties do not like that idea cause their increase will be lost on the ballot.

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