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Local fire departments participate in collaborative training

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) - Over the weekend, the Gateway Interagency Fire Front held their joint training at the Oregon Trail Shooting Range in Pocatello.

Firefighters learned about managing the staging area of a fire, communication tactics, as well as water supply management.

The training was aimed to help with response efficiency in the event of a wildfire in the Gateway Interagency response area.

"With the fire season that we have forecasted, with the amount of fires and the fire activity we're currently seeing, this is going to help us get out there in a timely manner," said Bureau of Land Management's Chris Burger. "It will help get people on the ground, get fire being suppressed and help keep people safe, keep the public safe and keep homes safe."

The agency is made up of several different local fire departments, with the goal of building comradery within each department.

"This has been in effect for quite a few years, and we have had some very good success on some very difficult fires due to this," Burger said.

It's not all up to them to help prevent a fire from happening.

Inkom volunteer firefighter Dean Hazen says the vegetation is very dry this year, and is five to six weeks ahead of a normal year.

With those conditions in mind, Hazen says to take the necessary precautions as we approach the core of the fire season.

"Just be aware," Hazen said. "Be cautious. Make sure you have a clear area, and it's really a good idea also just to check with your local fire department and make sure you know what you're doing is going to be safe."

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