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Snow returns tomorrow

MONDAY: Widespread snow showers are expected tomorrow. Snow starts in central ID in the morning hours and then continues east into the rest of our region for the afternoon hours. More frequent snow showers will be focusing on the Tetons, western WY, and the SE highlands. Snow accumulation for the valleys is only expected to be half an inch if that, while the mountains could receive anywhere between 4-6 inches. Snow might not even reach some of the areas in the valleys tomorrow at all. Winds will be a little bit breezy between 10-20 mph. High temperatures are only expected to reach the 30's in the afternoon.

LONG TERM: Light snow showers will be present for Tuesday and Wednesday, but only for western WY and they will be a lot less numerous. Another cold front of snow comes in on Wednesday night/Thursday and will look to provide similar coverage and accumulation as the system that comes through tomorrow. Sunshine then breaks out for Friday and the weekend. In the meantime, high temperatures slightly recover to the lower 40's for Tuesday and Wednesday before another cold front could drop the high's for the weekend into the 20's.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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