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Idaho woman charged with taking part in US Capitol breach

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - An Idaho woman who bragged on social media videos that she was among those who breached the U.S. Capitol as insurrectionists attempted to stop the certification of President Joe Biden's election in January has been arrested.

The FBI announced Thursday Yvonne Orbin St. Cyr of Boise was arrested on a warrant from Washington, D.C., charged with entering a restricted building and disruptive and disorderly conduct on restricted grounds. Both charges are misdemeanors, with respective penalties of up to one year and up to six months in prison.

St. Cyr was taken into custody without incident on Wednesday by the Boise Police Department and members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI said.

In court documents, FBI agent Matthew Gano wrote that the agency received several tips from people who submitted videos and photos that they said were posted to St. Cyr's Facebook page showing her inside the Capitol building. Gano said tipsters also provided a video that showed St. Cyr talking about how she entered the Capitol Building during the Jan. 6 breach and broadcasted social media videos from inside.

It wasn't immediately clear if St. Cyr has obtained an attorney and she couldn't be reached for comment. She has not yet had the opportunity to enter a plea.

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  1. I’m sure there ARE some criminals who could still be referred to properly as ‘master criminals’ (jewel thieves etc.). Arrests–if any–would be the result of long and complex investigations by intelligent and experienced investigators.

    Some though, such as this one, the QANON witch-doctor, and so on, must seem almost like hunting cattle to the cops. i.e., even were law enforcement to STARTLE them during the pursuit, they’d just meander over to the nearest green, grassy field….er….sorry; meant to say “social media access”….and settle down to GRAZE.

    Ask your ‘representative’ to sponsor a bill proffering a STUPIDITY-crime enhancement. You know, like the hate-crime one, only for really DUMB people? 😉

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