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Woman makes noise about neighborhood attraction

The Hitt Event Center
The Hitt Event Center

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The Hitt Event Center has been focusing on weddings and quinceñeras during the summer, and dance parties in the winter for 10 years now. While many guests enjoy the festivities, those across the street have a different perspective.

"It's just awful. You can't sleep because you hear the boom, boom, boom, all my night long," said event center neighbor, Vickie Stewart.

Stewart has been living across the street from the event center for the last three years. She says she's made several calls to the City, law enforcement, and planning and zoning trying to get what she claims to be a noise issue resolved.

"I don't care what they play there. I just don't want to hear it. I want them to contain the music to their building like they're supposed to," Stewart said.

Bonneville County City Planning and Zoning assistant planner, Michelle Hagen, tell us the event center doesn't have to maintain a certain noise level based on their contract. But if the noise does become a nuisance, the situation is handled by the Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Bryan Lovell of the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office says deputies responded to more than 20 different types of disturbances there in 2019.

"Those are a wide variety of circumstances and I wouldn't be able to tell you whether that's more or less than any other business at that time," Lovell said.

Jessie Avila owns the center, he tells us he's tried to resolve the issues by buying a sound level meter to monitor the noise and ending the event well before the curfew.

"I do understand as I said, I tried working with them. The curfew is at 2, o'clock, I can go all the way to 2 o'clock, and as long as I stop at two o'clock then it's fine, but I personally made it clear just to help them out a little bit, that I was going to try to keep it until 1 AM. Then we'd be cleaning up, there wouldn't be any more noise," Avila said.

Avila says he will continue to do what he can to make his neighbors comfortable.

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Jilliana Colina

Jilliana is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



    1. “….I personally made it clear just to help them out a little bit, that I was going to try to keep it until 1 AM.”

      Uh, Jessie? Just as a note; people NOT celebrating quinceñeras (or Jose’ Cuervo’s birthday, etc!) generally go to bed–not staggering, I might add–a ways BEFORE 1:00am. I realize that tact and common courtesy are not exactly in line with quinceñeras–or ANY sort of Hispanic ‘party’–but it might go a way towards improving other people’s attitude toward you if you tried a bit of civilized behavior.

  1. I live across the street and have had trespassers in my backyard, tour buses parked in my driveway, they use my yard as a garbage dump for their beer cans, and then theres the noise. I can hear it over the TV. I get up early on Sunday mornings for church and sometimes only get 5 hours of sleep. They may stop the main band from playing, but they still thump the music while cleaning up, and theres still idiots outside yelling and cars spinning their tires out of the parking lot for more than an hour after they are done.
    I’m selling my house to get away from them.

    1. “I’m selling my house to get away from them.”

      Yeah, oliver….good luck with that. Two years ago I moved from a late 1950’s/early 1960’s housing area because it was adjacent to an area the neighborhood referred to as ‘The Benton Street Barrio’.
      Tiring of home repairs and having become too OLD to do my lawn work (and too CHEAP to hire it done ;-)) I moved into an apartment complex on Hansen Ave.

      HUGE mistake! In the last YEAR’s summer I have awakened–at least half-a-dozen times, around 2:00 am, by ‘POST’-quinceñeras, etc. celebrants. Never really sure WHAT they’re screaming about but it’s always in ‘Spanish’. And they’re ALWAYS screaming about it.

      I used to–HONESTLY–not care much for stereotypes OR the people who used them. I still have Hispanic people I have known for decades who embody the values* MOST Americans–regardless their race/skin-color–AT LEAST as well as I do, but have come to believe THEM to be the exception that proves the rule.

      *Primarily moderation and consideration!

    2. Good luck with that.

      However, if it’s like so many other properties we’ve seen since moving here, someone will buy it and then have 5 or 6 transients and their “families” living in a 3 bedroom house. Many of them would appreciate being close to the “neighborhood attraction” if you get my drift.

    1. I would doubt that they actually have a LIQUOR license, but wine and beer licenses are neither that expensive NOR difficult to obtain. If you have a ‘license’ to sell ANY level of alcoholic beverages….well, it’s BYOB from there, ain’t it? 😉
      What this whole ‘Event Center’ thing amounts to is the ‘new and improved’ El Toro bar, formerly of Woodruff.
      ‘Neighbors’ of this ****-**** have my deepest and most sincere sympathy. If the Sheriff’s Office actually tries to enforce the laws (sure seems like a ‘pubic disturbance’ to ME, regardless the bar-by-any-other-name’ physical location) there will be slurred squeals of ‘racism’, ‘haters’, ‘bigots’ etc. loud enough to almost GUARANTEE they will be heard in Boise, if not Babble-on DC.

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