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Idaho transgender athlete ban is template for other states


BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho passed the nation’s first ban on transgender athletes in women’s sports last year, and the concept has since spread across the country, with more than 20 states currently considering similar laws.

Yet the vast majority of lawmakers sponsoring the measures — including Idaho Falls Rep. Barbara Ehardt — can’t cite any actual instances in their states where such participation has caused problems.

And opponents say it’s unfortunate that Idaho, which claims to be “Too Great for Hate,” has created a template being used to target transgender athletes nationwide.

Idaho's ban remains blocked by a federal court while a lawsuit challenging its legality is underway.

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  1. There are already girls playing in boys’ sports throughout the country so why can’t a transgendered girl (that is a body at birth) play in boys’ sports? They have the muscle strength of a boy.
    Letting them play in girl sports HURTS the girls and takes away their rights to participate in a equal manner against born females.
    Or start a third category for transgenders.
    To destroy a girls chance at winning in a sport is against the idea of the original Title Nine.

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