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Wayward elk captured in Idaho Falls

ifpd with elk

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK)-A young bull elk was tranquilized and moved back to the forest after wandering into an Idaho Falls neighborhood Saturday.

Idaho Falls Police were called around 6 a.m. after people saw the elk moving through neighborhoods near the Idaho Falls Airport. It was first reported on Carmel Street then Broadway and Grandview.

Police tracked the animal to N. Skyline and Federal Way, near the Fed Ex office at the airport. They called in idaho Fish and Game personnel, who tranquiized and moved the elk.

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  1. I’m so glad they didn’t kill the young elk and instead darted it and moved it back into the forest. Unlike the mountain lion that was found wandering the neighborhood around 49th street that was killed. One darted, and asleep, animal is no more dangerous than another if proper precautions are taken. Couldn’t there have been a way to also move the mountain lion?

    1. Not taking sides, so to speak, but I seem to remember that the mountain lion was deemed to be ‘accustomed’ to/unafraid of human beings. I side with you COMPLETELY in that it is–for want of a better word–sad to see most ANY wild animal destroyed (that is NOT saying ‘harvested’!), but a predator within a populated area which is neither lost NOR afraid of humans constitutes a real and present danger.
      Don’t get me wrong; so does a moose, elk, deer, etc. It’s simply that herbivores’ danger lies solely in the area of incidental, not malicious, regardless the reasons FOR that malice.

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