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ISP warns freezing fog brings dangerous driving conditions 

ISP warns freezing fog brings dangerous driving conditions

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - If you've been outside these past few mornings, you know it's been pretty icy.

Idaho State Police tell us over the weekend, they responded to several slide off calls.

They says black ice seems to be causing a lot of those crashes. 

"It almost seems like most of the ice on the roadway is coming in instantly. It's that black ice and people don't have any idea that it's on the roadway," said Trooper Dustin Green with the Idaho State Police.

It's been foggy these past couple of days and that fog is turning into ice. 

Black ice on black snow it's hard for most people to notice.

Melted snow brings wet roads, but if that's what you're seeing driving during freezing weather conditions then it's more likely you are looking at black ice. 

The roads may look safe, but not knowing you're driving on black ice can lead to danger.

"Know it's freezing outside right around those 32, 31, 30 marks. If you have a chance, slow down, tap on your brakes a little bit and you'll know whether you're sliding or not and whether you need to slow down below the posted speed limit," said Green.

Many newer cars have automatic lights.

While in most cases automatic light is helpful but ISP says the feature has not been compatible with our latest weather conditions and can lead to danger.

Trooper Dustin Green says the automatic lights don't take into account of the fog, when those car lights don't turn they lose visibility to other drivers.

"I've had to stop numerous cars and tell them 'hey please turn your headlights on." This is so somebody won't pull in front of you and cause a crash," said Green "Another huge mistake I been seeing is that people just are not slowing down to the conditions outside. Just slow down, sometimes you just don't know the conditions, until you lose it."

Icy roads are not the only thing we need to be paying attention to while driving.

The hands-free law was put in place July of last year to reduce distracted driving.

This law meant our hands needed to be free of all cell phones or any device that takes away focus from the road. 

When this law first went into effect law-enforcement said they'd only issue verbal warnings till the law became more known to the public. 

Stating January drivers pulled over for not following the hands-free law can and will be issued a citation.

ISP says there are many things that make the roads dangerous but distracted driving is the most preventable. 

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