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Conservationists object to end-run on wolves

Tracy Brooks courtesy of Mission Wolf & USFWS

WASHINGTON (KIFI)-The Humane Society of the United States is among conservation groups calling out the Idaho Senate for an end-run on Idaho’s wolf management regulations.

Just a day after it was introduced, the Humane Society claims the Idaho Senate passed legislation is aimed at killing as many wolves as possible.

The HSUS claims the state would slash the wolf population to 15 packs, or 150 animals.   There are currently an estimated 900 to 1,556 currently in the state.

The Center for Biological Diversity said the bill would eliminate 90% of the wolf population.

“The Idaho Senate’s sudden move to pass this bill in the eleventh hour incentivizes the cruel deaths of more than 1,000 wolves across the state,” said Andrea Zaccardi, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The consequences of this bill will be horrendous. This brutal war on wolves must be stopped, and we urge the House to deny this bill.”

The proposal would:

Allow state and federal agencies and private contractors to kill wolves when their population is above 15 packs or 150 wolves;

Allow hunters and trappers to kill an unlimited number of wolves;

Allow wolves to be killed using any method—including being run down with snowmobiles and ATVs; and

Extend the wolf trapping season to be open year-round on all private property across the state.

“This bill doesn’t just cross an ethical line; it sprints right past it,” said HSUS wildlife protection program manager Amanda Wright. “It is an embarrassment to the state of Idaho, and there is absolutely no scientific or ethical justification for this deeply misguided and dangerous legislation. In a race to slaughter one of America’s most treasured animals, this bill allows fear and hate to win. Idaho’s wolves deserve better; the environment deserves better.  This bill must be vetoed by Governor Little if it comes to his desk.”

Correction: This story was edited to clarify the identity of the Humane Society of the United States.

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