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Eviction moratorium set to end next week

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The Center for Disease Control’s national eviction moratorium expires on July 31. That could leave millions of renters nationwide without a roof over their heads.

Advocates with the Housing Authority of Pocatello expects a backlog in the courts to start moving ahead. Executive director, Sunny Shaw says the time is now to take action.

“I would implore them to fill out an application and get on that waiting list for a Housing Choice Voucher,” she says, “Because then you are able to get assistance that is based upon your income. So if your income is $1000, or rent is going to be $300, if it's $500 a month and your rent is $150, it's a really smooth calculation. Everything is based upon how much money you you do have to pay a portion of rent.”

Shaw also advises you work with your landlord to resolve any issues. She says having an eviction on your record could shut doors on future rental opportunities.

"Just like your criminal history follows you forever, so does your eviction history." Shaw goes on to say, "Because it is a court ordered action. So when you have gone through an eviction, every time you plan to rent going forward, that history will be pulled up and so now your options for renting are going to be incredibly limited."

Shaw says the waiting list for a housing voucher is usually 2-3 years, but now down to just a few weeks. You can find more information on rental help in Pocatello, click here. For other communities, click here.

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  1. Jobs galore out there. Darn near every business has help wanted signs posted. How about these people get off their rear ends, put down their game controllers and get out and work to pay their rent/mortgage?

    Will these places be around in a few years after inflation is pushing those out with fixed incomes out the door? And many of these people will be retirees who are too old or cannot work. But no one will help them, they will just be evicted and send on their way.

    Most of the people now are young, and healthy.

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