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Can Lori Vallow Daybell afford bail?

Lori Vallow booking photo
Lori Vallow-Daybell

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Friday afternoon, Magistrate Judge Faren Eddins lowered Lori Vallow Daybell's bail to $1 million with some specific requirements. 

She needed to sign a waiver of extradition, restrict her movements to only Bonneville, Jefferson, Madison and Fremont counties and wear an ankle monitor 24/7. She must appear to all her court hearings and maintain contact with her counsel. 

Madison County Sheriff’s office spokesman Isaac Payne tells us, as soon as Vallow satisfies all of the conditions, she could post bail. 

Payne told us Friday night that Vallow’s ankle monitor is ready to go and that she can post bail at any time. 

The Idaho Falls Bail Bond company Lori’s attorneys are working with, told us, there are some obstacles in Vallow’s way. They say, a $1 million bond is very rare in the area and that it’s pretty hard to get. 

The main obstacles in Vallow obtaining a $1 million bond are: 

-Lori needs to have $1 million in assets. Multiple parties can come together to help her come up with the assets, but the bond company tells us it’s not an easy thing to do. 

-The bail bond company’s insurance needs to assess the risk of issuing out a $1 million dollar bond.

-To pay for the bond, once the $1 million in assets has been proven, $100K would need to be wired into the account of the bondsman, a process that could take 24 hours plus. Another bond company we spoke to says, private attorneys get a discount, so it’s possible Vallow would only need to pay $90K for the bond. 

One bail bond company worker tells us in his 22 years in the business he’s never seen someone get a bond as high as $1 million in the area, the most he’s issued out is $500K. 

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Jilliana Colin

Jilliana Colina

Jilliana is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Best guess is the $4mm bail reduction was used as a ‘carrot’ to obtain a resistance-free extradition. Since her and Chad already ran once (surely NOBODY is stupid enough to believe they were planning a move to Hawaii anyway and it just HAPPENED to be the day following the interview.) in conjunction with the kids ‘disappearance’. I would think the bail bonds companies would be a bit….apprehensive(?),even WITH the restrictions in place about putting up $1mm. 😉

    1. I’d like to know the date they started looking for a place to rent in Hawaii. That would tell us whether it was a planned move before the police came a-knockin’.

  2. Article’s headline is asking a question….
    Well my answer is I DON’T give a dog’s butt. She can run, rot in jail, do back jumps; whatever she wants to do. I am sick and tired of seeing articles and hearing about her on TV.

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