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Idaho Senate OKs bill to make ballot initiatives tougher

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho Senate has approved legislation to make it more difficult to get initiatives or referendums on ballots.

Senators voted 26-9 to send the measure to the House.

Backers say it's needed to give rural voters more say in the process.

Opponents say the measure violates the Idaho Constitution because it makes getting initiatives on ballots nearly impossible, giving a single district veto power.

Current rules require signatures from 6% of registered voters in each of 18 legislative districts in 18 months.

The proposed law would change that to requiring 6% of registered voters in all 35 Idaho districts in 18 months.

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  1. What they really need to do is make it a law that ALL ballots for any purpose can only be on a the November ballot every two years. This saves money and stops those silent ballots placed on a ballot, usually in March, with NO advertising other than:
    School mileage increases are only advertised with flyers sent home by the kids, so people without kids never know about the ballot and don’t show up, so those with kids, more likely to vote YES, show up.
    Also, pertains to other ballots like libraries. Local near me tried this twice, luckily both times it lost but I was surprised talking with neighbors, NO ONE new about it and the only way I found out was I was told by someone, who knew someone who lived near the library.

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