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Idaho lawmakers plan veto power over federal government

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Legislation intended to give Idaho lawmakers veto power over federal government actions and federal court decisions has been introduced.

The House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday approved the legislation brought forward by Republican Rep. Sage Dixon.

The legislation allows any member of the Republican-dominated House or Senate to make a complaint, potentially leading to a public hearing by the Committee on Federalism, which Dixon co-chairs.

If the committee finds the federal action is outside what it considers federal authority, lawmakers could create and pass legislation backers of the bill say will make the federal action or court ruling “null and void.”

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  1. Go for it. With the number of sanctuary cities and states in the USA doing the same Idaho should join in.
    Many states are already headed this way, some will just do it, some will pass laws.
    Won’t be long before the SHTF….

  2. Wow, a politician making sense. I didn’t think I would live to see the day. With John Roberts on the Court though it would probably be struct down. I don’t know the state of the law regarding States Rights against Federal Law. Hopefully this legislation will pass and a miracle will occur and the courts will uphold it like they give a wink and nod to all the sanctuary BS!

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