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The Nation’s Weather

The Nation’s Weather for Thursday, May 6, 2021



Showers are expected to dampen Wisconsin, Michigan and

Indiana tomorrow. By the afternoon, the wet weather will

advance into southeastern Missouri and northwestern portions

of Ohio and Kentucky. Farther south, thunderstorms will

rumble across much of Florida. A new storm coming ashore in

the Pacific Northwest is forecast to bring afternoon rain to

western Washington and northwestern Oregon. Rain showers

will exit northern Maine early in the day, but much of New

England can expect a breezy day. A breezy to windy day is

also forecast in parts of California and Nevada, increasing

the fire danger. A hot day is expected in the Desert

Southwest, with some locations climbing over 100 F.

Meanwhile, temperatures are forecast to be below normal

around the Great Lakes and interior Northeast.


No new information for this time period.


No new information for this time period.


National High Wednesday 97 at Immokalee, FL

National Low Wednesday 14 at Willow City, ND


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