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Fog and cold to kick off weekend

Morning fog/mist for parts of the valley this morning as temperatures are moderate in the mid 20's. Mountain communities starting in the teens with wind chills for Jackson below zero. Highs today will remain in the upper 20's to freezing 28-32. We expect cloudiness and fog to remain in play into the weekend as high pressure maintains control and creates some stagnant air quality as well. Partly sunny for the region and light SW winds 5-8 mph today. Wind chills will make it feel like it's in the lower 20's for most of us. Dense fog may freeze on windshields this morning while driving, as we have some flakes fall in the early morning and from 7am on in the valley. Visibility may be affected and we advise caution while driving or walking in pedestrian areas. Cold for the weekend - highs remain in the upper 20's to just below freezing with lows in the mid teens. It will be dry through the forecast period.

Jeff Roper, First Alert Weather

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Jeff Roper

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