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Rexburg LDS temple among almost 90 others temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Rexburg Temple_Natalie Nix
Natalie Nix

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - On March 13, the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a letter to Church members around the world detailing temporary changes to temple worship worldwide. These adjustments will impact the scheduling and availability of living ordinances in many temples and will take effect March 16, 2020.

Most temples are operating with limited hours and performing living ordinances only. However, the following temples are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions (note that this list does not include temples that are closed for maintenance and scheduled to reopen with limited operations when completed):

  • Aba Nigeria Temple
  • Accra Ghana Temple
  • Adelaide Australia Temple
  • Apia Samoa Temple
  • Arequipa Peru Temple
  • Asunción Paraguay Temple
  • Barranquilla Colombia Temple
  • Baton Rouge Lousiana Temple
  • Bern Switzerland Temple
  • Bogota Colombia Temple
  • Bountiful Utah Temple
  • Brisbane Australia Temple
  • Buenos Aires Argentina Temple
  • Campinas Brazil Temple
  • Caracas Venezuela Temple
  • Cebu City Philippines Temple
  • Chicago Illinois Temple
  • Cochabamba Bolivia Temple
  • Columbia River Washington Temple
  • Columbus Ohio Temple
  • Copenhagen Denmark Temple
  • Córdoba Argentina Temple
  • Curitiba Brazil Temple
  • Detroit Michigan Temple
  • Fortaleza Brazil Temple
  • Frankfurt Germany Temple
  • Freiberg Germany Temple
  • Fresno California Temple
  • Fukuoka Japan Temple
  • Guadalajara Mexico Temple
  • Guatemala City Guatemala Temple
  • Guayaquil Ecuador Temple
  • Halifax Nova Scotia Temple
  • Hartford Connecticut Temple
  • Helsinki Finland Temple
  • Kansas City Missouri Temple
  • Kinshasa DR Congo Temple
  • Kyiv Ukraine Temple
  • Las Vegas Nevada Temple
  • Lima Peru Temple
  • Lisbon Portugal Temple
  • London England Temple
  • Los Angeles California Temple
  • Louisville Kentucky Temple
  • Madrid Spain Temple
  • Manaus Brazil Temple
  • Manhattan New York Temple
  • Manila Philippines Temple
  • Melbourne Australia Temple
  • Montreal Quebec Temple
  • Nauvoo Illinois Temple
  • Newport Beach California Temple
  • Oakland California Temple
  • Palmyra New York Temple
  • Panama City Panama Temple
  • Papeete Tahiti Temple
  • Paris France Temple
  • Perth Australia Temple
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
  • Porto Alegre Brazil Temple
  • Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple
  • Portland Oregon Temple
  • Preston England Temple
  • Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple
  • Recife Brazil Temple
  • Redlands California Temple
  • Regina Saskatchewan Temple
  • Reno Nevada Temple
  • Rexburg Idaho Temple
  • Rome Italy Temple
  • Sacramento California Temple
  • San Diego California Temple
  • San Salvador El Salvador Temple
  • Santiago Chile Temple
  • Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple
  • São Paulo Brazil Temple
  • Sapporo Japan Temple
  • Seattle Washington Temple
  • Seoul Korea Temple
  • St. Louis Missouri Temple
  • Stockholm Sweden Temple
  • Sydney Australia Temple
  • Taipei Taiwan Temple
  • Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple
  • The Hague Netherlands Temple
  • Toronto Ontario Temple
  • Trujillo Peru Temple
  • Tucson Arizona Temple

You can view the temple status FAQ for regular updates that explain several of the temporary adjustments to temple worship.

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  1. Will this lead to people realizing that they don’t need a church to pray to whatever God they deem as the appropriate deity?

    My mother was a very religious person; however, she never went to church. She told me she didn’t need some stranger to tell her what was in the bible or how she should feel or worship. So I guess maybe those who are illiterate do need a church.

    As for me, it’s all a big giant pile of horse pucky.

    So, close down those churches, raze them to the ground and sell the property to someone who will pay property taxes vs. having someone telling people to go forth and multiply and then ask their neighbors to pay for their high number of offspring.

    All you green deal people need to understand is reducing the number of humans to ZERO will save the planet. 🙂

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