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Pocatello teachers association asking for more protection in district’s plan to reopen

School reopening concerns logo Piqsels eflon : Flickr : CC BY 2.0
Piqsels eflon : Flickr : CC BY 2.0

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - School districts across Idaho are releasing their initial plans for reopening schools in the fall.

In east Idaho, school District 93, 91, 25, 251 and 401 have released their plans and are asking for public input.

Mary Anne McGrory teaches geography at Alameda Middle School and is the president of the Pocatello chapter for the Idaho Education Association.

She sat in on the District 25's meetings to formulate the reopening plan and represented teachers. For the most part, she's supportive of the plans.

“I think the plans that both the state and District 25 have created are good outlines and good blueprints. In some cases, I think there needs to be a little refinement for the protection of the staff,” McGrory said.

In this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, school districts are working from scratch to make a safe plan that allows in-person lessons.

McGrory said that after reviewing the district's plans, many teachers are asking for more protections for teachers.

“One of the things that our local association is requesting is that secondary students be required to wear masks,” McGrory said. 

In her position, McGrory talks with a lot of teachers and hears a lot of different opinions on the issue.

“So I have this wide range. Upmost (concern) is that everyone wants to get back to work and wants to be with our kids,” McGrory said.

To review the local district's plans and provide comment, click the links below.

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  1. They don’t go back to work, they don’t get paid and are put on unemployment and that 600 extra from the feds looks like it is going to go away in a few weeks.

    But if they want more masks, then they can wear the cheap single layer ones that all the politicians and Dr. Death say are ok. Nothing special for the teachers. If I cannot get N95, they get none either.

    1. Fantastic idea! We can just take all of the teachers waiting in line to grab those job during a pandemic and have them teach the class instead. Except Idaho has a teacher shortage… Idaho can’t hire teachers at the crappy wages that we’re paying in years without a pandemic… Maybe you’ll volunteer to go into a small classroom full of 30+ unmasked kids per period and teach them?

  2. SD25’s plan is flimsy, i thought that our schools were doing the low risk plan already since i myself was in school. Their moderate plan i don’t even see how they are going to make it work, just read it and it make’s you shake your head. Their are plenty of student’s who are or who live with vulnerable people in their households and just because the kid’s are less likely to get really sick doesn’t mean they won’t take covid home to the vulnerable who may die. Also their are alot of families who don’t have and can’t afford wifi to do online learning and have student’s just starting high school who need to understand the curriculum and won’t get the help they need if they aren’t at the school. The risk doesn’t seem worth the reward if you ask me.

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