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Idaho Falls is top COVID-19 hotspot in nation, New York Times reports

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - A new report shows Idaho Falls is leading the nation in new coronavirus cases with Rexburg being third.

The New York Times shows the most recent national data collected during the past two weeks.

New York Times

The report indicates Idaho Falls is the nation's top hotspot for high rates of infection and positive tests by population.

The data also shows the rapid-rise in inefection rates spiked after state officials chose to not issue any pandemic control measures, lifting mask mandates in these areas.

Right around this time on March 7, Idaho made headlines as protestors burned facemasks at the state capitol.

The report also says Idaho Falls comes in the top 20 where new reported cases are rising the fastest.

New York Times

The Gem State reported 462 new coronavirus cases Wednesday with 140 of those cases in the Eastern Idaho Public Health District and 76 in the Southeastern Idaho Public Health District.

Six more Idahoans died from the virus Wednesday, and five of those deaths were in Bannock, Bingham and Bonneville counties.

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Kaitlin Miklos

Kaitlin is an anchor and reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



    1. And what exactly is incorrect about the story? Be detailed.

      The data is out there, but you insist on disbelieving the evidence of your eyes and ears.

      1. The ‘facts’ used to manipulate such studies/surveys/reports are AS malleable as any ‘promise’ ever given by ANY politician! For reasons I have wondered about for DECADES, the American public has come to accept virtually ANY ‘evidence’ such as this as a game-changer.
        I am NOT a COVID-19 DENIER. The virus is both global AND serious. I am simply stating that–IMO, of course–‘news’/reporting has become at least AS marketing-driven as any weekly sit-com ever produced. There ARE still FACTS around. Good luck on finding a ‘news-source’ that actually PROVIDES them! 😉

  1. New York Times?! Seriously why would anyone listen to their lies? Top leader in fake news and lies! We’re doing 100 times better than East coast.

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