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Food vlogger visiting all 50 states comes to Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - A food vlogger from Baltimore is racking up views and followers on social media sites, as he travels to all 50 states.

This week, the "Rideshare Foodie" Kreskin Torres has been in eastern Idaho, showing his tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook and his website what Idaho has to offer.

"I wanted to get outside of Baltimore and see what it was like in different cities and towns in America. I also do Uber and Lyft, so I just combined the two and decided to take a 4-year journey across the United States," Torres said.

Now in his last year of his tour, Torres has come to the Gem State.

"It's more than just potatoes, there's more than meets the eye," Torres said. "They have a lot more to offer here. There are so many different things like 44 North is something I had to purchase. It's vodka I didn't even know existed and it's made of potato. I had potato ice cream at the potato museum. It's just been incredible to experience the local life, and just basically what Idaho's about or what it's supposed to be about. And it's very welcoming. I really enjoy it."

There's been some highlights nationwide as well

"Witchita, Kansas was a huge surprise. That's when I feel in love with chili and cinnamon rolls. Which is a favorite combination of mine," Torres said laughing. "But overall it's been the welcoming of people in towns, really small towns throughout the United States. People will offer me places to stay, come out to have a beer with me, come have a meal. And I think that's what America's supposed to be like, I know what America's supposed to be. That's what I wanted to experience.

But there's one Idaho staple he's addicted to now.

"That fry sauce is like crack. Say no to drugs kids, but no, it's really delicious. That's going to be something from here on out I'm going to have to have with me. Even when I travel international, I'm going to have that in my check-in bag. Fry sauce," Torres said.

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