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Martin, Erick, Fernando, Victor

These four active boys can’t wait for a sports-loving family to claim them as their own. Playing and watching every sport is a passion with these guys. They crave being outside, running, wrestling, and hanging from trees. The best place for these boys will be an outdoorsy property where they can have plenty of room to explore and get worn out.

This is a very bright sibling group. All of the boys function at school very well, accomplishing schoolwork at or above their grade levels. None of the boys require special education or extra assistance in regards to academics. The boys receive therapeutic services that have been a big help in allowing them to connect to their feelings and sorting out the changes that are happening in their lives. Adoptive parents are urged to continue to seek ongoing support services for the boys and the family as a whole, as the results have been beneficial. They will need a parent or parents who know how to draw kids out and help them to process thoughts and emotions. With respect to one of the group in particular, successful adoptive parents will also have knowledge of prenatal substance exposure and the effects they can have on a child now and as they age.

Martin (pronounced “Marteen”) is the oldest. He is a terrific soccer player and quite competitive in the sport. He also loves watching football, especially live games, so he will always be up for a “sports night out.” What makes Martin unique is that he is a well-rounded young man, also doing very well in school. He really enjoys academics and rarely finds schoolwork challenging. Martin is used to being the “kid in charge” with his younger brothers, so he could use a parent who will help him further develop his individual sense of self. Martin is honest, outgoing and open with others and has a gentle way about him. Like his brothers, Martin has strong feelings about what he is looking for in an adoptive family. He wants to live in the country, he wants a family that is into sports and he wants to grow up with his siblings.

Erick likes to stand out a bit from his brothers, showing the unique young man that he is. He is very outgoing, charming, and social. Erick is the “cut up” of the group. He loves to laugh and is very funny. He likely uses his great sense of humor to mask his feelings sometimes, and tends to stand guard over his emotions a bit more than his brothers do. Even so, Erick gets along with most everyone, adults and kids alike. He is very close to his brothers and can’t imagine living without them. Like Martin, he does well in school and he adores watching and playing any sport.

Fernando fashions himself as much older. As a mature, easy-going young man, he is creative and fun to be around. Fernando makes friends easily and is the kid who lends a listening ear to others. He is honest with his feelings and emotions. Like his brothers, he is also a “sports nut,” but he has a sophisticated persona. For his school pictures this year, he wore a suit and tie. Fernando knows that it communicates to the world that there is another more serious side to him.

Victor is the youngest of this great sibling group. Victor is full of energy and he can keep up with his brothers just fine. He is fearless, which leads him to trying new and creative things. Sometimes his very active body gets him into trouble, evidenced by breaking his leg last year. Victor is friendly, kind and gets along with adults and kids just the same. He gleans his sense of humor from his brother Erick, who has taught him well how to tell a great joke. School is a time enjoyed by Victor, and he does very well academically, though he would much rather be out playing football or soccer.

Their desire to stay together is evident, and the boys have a very strong bond. They are so close that their competitive nature, teamed with their deep loyalty to one another, can cause them to be defensive towards others. Their trust is fragile and needs time to develop in healthy ways. Experienced, creative parents who have time to focus on finding outlets for the siblings’ competitive energy, and developing their individualism will be beneficial for this group. Because the boys are not legally free, interested adoptive parents making an inquiry must be licensed for foster care and have an adoption homestudy already approved and ready to be forwarded by the family’s adoption worker to their Oregon state caseworker for review and evaluation.

Martin, Erick, Fernando and Victor have several relatives with whom they have ongoing relationships with. The enjoyment of their visits is mutual, and both the boys and their family members look forward to their times together. The boys need an adoptive home where contact with these family members will be encouraged.

These boys are very close siblings who want desperately to grow up together. They have experienced a few moves since coming into care, and at times have had to live separately. During these periods they have maintained weekly contact, but they are really looking forward to a time where they never again have to worry about being split up into different homes.

Adoption has been an open topic with the boys for a while now. They are excited to be adopted and are very articulate on what they want for their future. An interest and participation in sports is second only to living together as a sibling group of four. They also crave the country life and would be good candidates for rural living. The ideal adoptive candidates will value the physical outlets of running, playing sports, and physical play with a little roughhousing thrown in. It will also be important for a family to be experienced, particularly with adolescents. Also, providing a safe, stable, loving and devoted environment will help make the adoption a very successful endeavor. For adoption information call the Idaho CareLine at 1-800-926-2588.

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