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General store reopens

A historical building in Archer, Idaho has now reopened. The Archer General Store is now home to Hot Stuff Pizza.
Owner Richard Holiday said that when the post office left Archer the community’s identity went with it. Archer became just another part of Rexburg. He hopes his store can bring back that identity.

On the corner of 7800 south and 1800 west in Archer sits a historic building. A general store that has been there for more than 50 years.

“I remember walking down here as a little girl to get penny candy from the store from grammy and grampy’s,” said employee Heidi Thomas. “So it’s been around here as long as I’ve been around here and that’s been a while.”

After being owned by three different families the store has now moved to owner Richard Holiday. He’s taken the store and changed it to a restaurant.

“So we’re now the center of downtown archer,” Holiday said.

When they remodeled to the restaurant, the Holiday’s added on something else, and to some, even the best part of the reopened store.

“To be honest with you, the theater room,” Thomas said. “I can watch the seahawks.”
“We wanted someplace for the community to gather and enjoy sports,” said Holiday.
“I even bring my three boys in here and they go down into the theater room as I’m working,” said Thomas.

Overall, the Archer General Store is a reminder of the community’s identity that family comes first.
“Archer has always been very family oriented,” Thomas said. “Whether you’re in or out of it it’s still a family orientation. That’s what brought me and the kids back here. So we’re very grateful for family.”

The store will include general items like it did in the past along with the restaurant. The Holidays also hope to work with the community to restore the bishop tithing grainery just across the street.
That building is more than a 100 years old.

Holiday also said one of his main focus in employment is keeping senior citizens working. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday.

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