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Tips to save on gym memberships

It happens every year. People make New Year’s resolutions to join a gym and get back into shape.

Consumer Reports looked into five ways prospective gym-joiners can save money in 2016.

To save money consumers can try negotiating enrollment fees that fit best into their budget. Also, fewer gym perks can mean paying less.

Worldgym assistant manager, Victor Santiago said, “We have buy one get one free enrollment so you can either split the enrollment or one of you can pay full enrollment and the other can pay zero enrollment.”

Another tip, determine what kind of membership your in the market for.

“So normally its $99 to enroll plus your first month then we have specials going on with Facebook if you like us on Facebook we can do a discount on the enrollments.”

Customers can also ask about cheaper plans.

Also, consider bringing a friend or family member because gyms will offer group discounts.

Another tip is to ask about free trial passes for the week, trying out the gym before signing a contract helps customers find out if that’s the right gym for them.

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