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Rexburg lawmaker aims to loosen state gun laws

A Rexburg lawmaker is introducing a bill that would eliminate Idaho’s concealed carry permit.

Those who support the bill believe it’s not just getting rid of a current gun law.

They think if it passes Idaho will finally align with a right set forth by our founding fathers.

“Let’s just remember that the government granting it we have natural rights, and the Constitution was written and enacted to preserve those rights and to protect them from government infringement,” said state Rep. Ron Nate.

Nate believes on of the Gem State’s current concealed carry permit law is against the Constitution.

In Idaho, a permit is required for people to conceal carry.

Nate is trying to change that this year by introducing a bill that would eliminate the requirement.

“For Idahoans it would mean that we are now fully honoring the second amendment that the right to keep and bear arms is as close to pure as we can get it,” said Nate.

“Our Second Amendment is under attack,” said Madison County Sheriff Roy Klingler.

Klinger said the current concealed carry permit process isn’t necessary.

“Why are we even doing this? Why are we having it? Because there’s no training the permits basically for nothing in my opinion,” Klingler said.

Some people believe not requiring permits will increase violence.

However, Klingler said permits do not stop criminals from getting their hands on guns.

“We’ve never seen a bad guy that says ‘Oh I’ll quit doing bad things because I don’t have a permit.’ The permits don’t stop criminals from being criminals. They don’t obey the rules they don’t obey the laws,” said Klingler.

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” said rancher Jerry Scheid

Schied believes most people forget the first part of the amendment, “a well regulated militia’.

“A guy carrying a gun into a store or a public place just because he wants to doesn’t constitute, in my opinion, a well-regulated militia,” said Scheid who has owned guns his whole life.

He said what he doesn’t like is the mentality that everybody should carry one everywhere they go.

“I guess I wonder about a culture and society heading towards all of us being armed,” said Scheid.

He worries if this bill passes Idahoans will have another to worry about when they leave their homes.

“I don’t want to think that when I send my wife to the grocery store in the morning she’s got to carry a gun in case somebody threatens her with one. It’s not a world that I would like to live in,” said Scheid.

If the bill passes, it won’t do away with the permit process. It would basically be an option.

People could get permits like the enhanced permit that allows them to conceal carry in other states.

Eight other states, including, Wyoming have passed a similar law.

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