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DeOrr Kunz Jr. P.I. says friend at the campground hasn’t cooperated

Private investigators working on the DeOrr Kunz Jr. case believe that the toddler is indeed dead.

Klein Investigators and Consulting started working on the case Nov. 28.

Since then, they’ve ruled that DeOrr was not abducted or attacked by a wild animal.

Senior Investigator Philip Klein says there’s one person the firm has yet to hear from.

The story is that on July 10 there were four people at the campground when DeOrr disappeared.

That was his parents, great grandpa and Isaac Reinwand.

“We have interviewed the father. We have interviewed the mother. We have interviewed the grandfather. We have not interviewed Isaac Reinwand. He’s hired counsel, which is his right to do. We have extended an arm in friendship to the counsel, saying ‘let’s bring him in a room, you can sit there and you can tell him to answer or not to answer. Let’s hear his story. We have not heard his story. We need to hear his story.'” So far we’ve been blocked from doing that. We have not even received a returned phone call from his counsel,” said Klein
“Is that counsel Kent Gauchay?” asked Chelsea Brentzel.
“Yes. According to a document that is on file. It says he officially represents him, that’s all I can say,” said Klein

After multiple phone calls to the firm Gauchy works at Local News 8 went to his office to find out what was going on in person.

Local News 8 was turned away saying Mr. Gauchy knew we called and he would get back to us if he wanted to speak about Isaac Reinwand.

According to the Idaho repository, Gauchy has represented Reinwand in at least one other case.

Local News 8 did stop by Reinwand’s house but no one answered the door.

Local News 8 did speak with one of Reinwand’s neighbors.

The neighbor says he thinks Reinwand is a nice guy and did nothing wrong.

He also added that he feels comfortable with him being around his grandchildren.

Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is on-going and that information was previously withheld.

Bonneville county dectives are also helping with the case.

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