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Cutting your power bill in half

Having a smart TV and energy efficient everything may be the way to go to save you money on your power bill. But considering how brutally cold it’s been the past few months, those small household items might not even be the half of it.

Cranking up the heat can be costly, especially if you have an electric heater says Aire Force One Owner Wayne Barlow.

“The cost of electric has gone up over the years,” said Barlow.

Escaping the large electric bills can be done by keeping the heat to a steady 65-70 degrees, but Barlow says not to keep it on all day. Let your thermostat catch up to the temperature you placed it on before turning the heat up again if needed.

Gas furnaces he says is the way to save money and are lot cheaper than electric. And also heat pumps will even save you money. But he says prices vary, depending on the square footage of your place of residence.

“Changing your filters is very important as well, in order to keep your furnace more energy efficient.”

As he shows the difference between a very dirty, lint accumulated filter and brand new clean filter. He says to change it out at least once every two months.

Lastly, your water heater. Barlow says to keep it below 120 degrees and to change out your water heater at least every 6-10 years. He says it will be more energy efficient and less likely to leak when it becomes too old.

The smaller things to keep in mind are shutting off your TVs, lights, computers, space heaters when not in use.

We can get a little too comfortable this winter by staying warm this winter, but Barlow says to try to cut your usage time in half and divide it out throughout the day. Which will hopefully save time, energy, and keep your power bill down.

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