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Former DeOrr Kunz investigator releases letter calling parents actions suspicious

The former private investigator in the DeOrr Kunz Jr investigation has released a letter he sent the parents in September last year. In the letter Frank G. Vilt calls the parents actions suspicious.

In the letter, a copy of which was sent to KID Newsradio, Vilt accuses the parents of covering up facts important to the case.

“In my professional opinion, both of you lied and misrepresented true facts that could solve the mystery of your missing son,” writes Vilt. “I believe that the searches will all be nonproductive. The searches are only used by you to cover a possible crime that one or both of you may have committed.”

Vilt also suggested in the letter that the parents fully cooperate with the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office and tell the truth. He also accuses the parents of exploiting the public for financial gain.

The full letter is included below.

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