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Bonneville County Sheriff’s office issues warning about phone scams

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office says they have received numerous reports and phone call about ongoing scam phone calls in the area. They are reminding citizens to be wary of any phone call that seems odd or suspicious.

According to Sgt. Bryan Lovell, Public Information officer for Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, there have been several different versions of these scams for quite some time where the victims are being asked to send money or give personal information to avoid fines or arrest by the IRS or various Law Enforcement Agencies for warrants, jury duty, etc. Many of these scams use a phone number on the caller ID that may be a local area code, prefix, or appear to be an emergency number, but are ultimately found to be untraceable or fake from an unknown source.

The sheriff’s office wants to remind the public to use caution when giving out any information over the phone.

The sheriff’s office and the Bonneville County Courts does not call and solicit money over the phone or internet in lieu of warrants for arrest or anything of that nature. Individuals that are wanted or need to pay fines generally have to make those transactions at the courts or in person with a Law Enforcement Officer.

If you receive a suspicious call that you cannot verify by calling the courts or dispatch of your local agency do not give out any personal information and contact Law Enforcement to make a report.

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