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A handful of new restaurants for Chubbuck

New restaurants have surfaced in the Chubbuck area, and everybody’s excited for the new options. Panera Bread and Black Bear Diner are still in development and will open at the end of this year, while Freddy’s Steakburgers and Frozen Custards is now open.

Around noon of every day since the opening of Freddy’s, good luck getting through the drive-thru. The lines never stop, it’s going that great so far. Lots of people shuffle in and out as they meet their friends for lunch.

That’s what Chubbuck resident, Steve Hunter was doing as he waited outside in the bitter cold waiting for his friends to arrive.

“You know, I probably wouldn’t come at noon right now, it’s pretty busy. I would recommend coming in, and if you like a good burger, this is the place to do it,” said Hunter.

Panera Bread looks to be finished on the outside, with an already assembled patio porch on the side with table umbrellas and tables. But that portion won’t be enjoyed until Spring of 2017 when the weather is nicer, and after it’s opening next Winter.

Black Bear Diner though, is still under construction, both inside and out. But will most likely lure the community in for a delicious breakfast when it does open.

“I’m really looking forward to Black Bear Diner. I really like home-styled cooking,” said Breanna Butler.

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