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Dirty, Fuzzy Horse Show

A public riding arena is changing the way equestrians look at horse shows. It’s called “The Dirty, Fuzzy Horse Show.”

Leave your brushes and curry combs at home for this event. There’s no need to shine up horses to compete. The event gives riders a chance to work their horses in a show ring setting without strict experience, grooming, or time rules.

Beginning riders, novice riders, or intermediate riders, there’s an event for everyone.

“We have a good array of events, we do have Western and English classes,” said Tara Clark, general manager of Living Springs Riding Arena.

For those who don’t rodeo, there aren’t many opportunities to be in the show ring. That’s why Nevada native Tara Clark started youth clubs and shows in Pingree at the Living Springs Riding Arena.

“I thought, ‘Let me build something up here,'” said Clark. “The riding arena is right here in the neck of the woods in my neighborhood. I thought what a great thing. Finding out that there isn’t something like this here.”

The Dirty, Fuzzy Horse Show has become a hit in the area.

“With the ridings that I’ve had with horses, it was really fun. I wanted to try it,” said Christina Gillard.

“This is our second year, we have had an average of 40-60 horses per horse show, which is incredible,” said Clark.

The lax environment gives horseman a chance to train in a show environment, while giving younger kids the chance to test their skills.

“It was kind of hard to get him to start to trot,” said Gillard.

Overall it’s a chance for horseman to get together and bond over the sport they all love.

“Horsemanship is the basis of everything,” Clark said. “Executing things on the ground starting with showmanship is the first step before you step up on a horse. If they respect you on the ground, they respect you in the saddle.”

The next show will be Feb. 20 and another Mar. 5.
The Living Springs Riding Arena does offer memberships as well as group rates for non-profit groups.

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